Drainage Solutions

Green Velvet Contracting is Long Island’s drainage solutions professionals. We understand that all properties are different, this allows us to fit your property with the most effective drainage system based on its characteristics. Our team is capable of integrating systems into any landscape or construction project. With over 30 years of experience we can assure that our drainage systems are installed promptly and professionally.

Types of Drainage

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    French Drain

    A sub-surface trenched drain used to re-direct ground and surface water. Common uses for the French drain are, preventing water from damaging building structures, and relieving retaining walls from ground water pressure. The system itself involves the use of a perforated piping, which is trenched and cover in gravel.

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    Precast Concrete Drainage Rings

    Large scale sub-surface drainage system often used for storm water sewerage, inlet and treatment structures, utility manholes, and pump and lift stations. Precast systems are beneficial because they are resistant to buoyant forces, water tight, and exceptional strong.

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    Bumble Bee Dome

    A sub-surface chambered drainage system used in areas that lie within a high water table. These systems are used for storm water management, and efficiently prevent puddling and ponding in problem areas. The versatility of the system allows it to store water from rooftops, parking lots, and ponded areas.

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    Storm Water Revetment

    The use of earth, sandbags, or masonry to support, protect and barricade from heavy water flow. Often installed on slopes and in areas with heavy rainfall and potential for flooding.